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How does the Franchise Work

When you sign-up for this 1st of its kind franchise (for Digital Marketing & SM world) you will get 2 emails:

1st Welcome email from the home office!

2nd Welcome email from: Hollywood Videos Creation Agency

Subject line = "You have been added as a client to Hollywood Videos Creation Agency".

There you find instructions to create your own password and you are all set.

Congratulations:  You NOW have your own Franchise.

In future please go to: https://app.HVCAglobal.com 

Login with your User Name and Password and

YOU are in YOUR "Hollywood Videos Creation Agency Franchise



Q & A

Go to: https://app.HVCAglobal.com 
Choose from hundreds of TEMPLATES for every TYPE -- Menu is on the Left side.


HOW TO Access Your A-Z TRAINING? : 

Scroll above - here on this website (see the 5th tab above) = "Scripts and Training"  TAB

link =  https://HVCA-Franchisee.com/scripts-and-training 

Then, it is very easy and simple.

There you will have TRAINING on: "How to use the system and start creating your videos....

You will find over 2,000 custom templates and (we are adding more every month) where You:

--- Plug-in their logo/image and/or wording
--- Choose the music and in 2 to 5 minutes your custom video is ready.  

Then, Download the customized video into - OneDrive  or  Google Drive  or  Dropbox ---  send THAT link to the client.
(instead of emailing the video, which could be a very large file and take long time to upload and email).

--- You can add watermarks to the video if you want, so you can remove it, after they have reviewed the finished video and you remove it after they pay.

We suggest, you should make it a habit, to have them pre-pay THRU YOUR LINK and to help you make more money upfront and reduce chasing them for payments.

---- V. IMPORTANT always send YOUR CUSTOM LINK to your clients, to purchase any video or package. So, You get credit for YOUR sales and YOU get paid.

We have made some packages too!

Helping you grow your business is our 1st priority, while giving the customer a highest quality product, which will help them grow their business fast.

We want this to be a Win-Win situation for both YOU the Franchisees and your customers.

These are our highest quality custom templates which would otherwise cost $5,000 to $15,000 to produce a 15 second video.

That is why global companies (even with their own production departments) are using them..... 

Now, with our exclusive, cutting edge

ALPHA Layering Technology!

We have made it affordable for Mass marketing

NOW, you can have
YOUR own 1st and Only

"Hollywood Videos Creation Agency™" Franchise
(just in case if you have not signed-up yet)!