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Income Opportunity For Sikh Organizations and Gurudwaras globally
 Who believe in 1 and ONLY ONE "Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji" !

There are 2 ways you can help your Sangat and Gurudwara Sahib (GS) / Organization financially:

# 1: Just help spread the word about the "FREE Agency Franchise LANGAR" (to qualified - English knowing Sikhs) and let your sangat benefit. They DO NOT have to pay ANY Franchise or Monthly Fees - ($100,000 & $500/month value) = FREE. They start making money via commissions right away.


# 2: Gurudwara Sahib / Sikh Organizations can make "AFFILIATE INCOME" on - every sangat agency member's business. Sangat will still make the SAME commissions. 

This Affiliate Income is to help Gurudwara Sahib or your organization generate more income for Sikhi promotion.

Here's HOW this Gurudwara or Sikh Organizations program works:

If the Gurudwara / ORG. President/Treasurer (who signs legal documents on behalf of Gurudwara Sahib committee or your Organization) meets all the below requirements.

Then Gurudwara / ORGs:     YOU just pays for administration costs for "Affiliate Commissions" processing (which is between $100 to $75 per agency/mo).
Then FREE Agencies/Franchises are OFFERED THRU YOUR LINK on which you will to make Commissions/INCOME ON.   You can choose between 25 to 250+ agencies. Sangat members still pay NOTHING = ZERO, But YOU will make INCOME ON all the business they do - (see video above for explanation/details)

If you want to participate in this program, then fill our form below - with PAYPAL Account in - GS or ORG Name and (GS) or ORG's Main Bank Account - (NO Personal Paypal account) to receive Affiliate commissions on all the commissions Agency/Franchise members make. 

Plus, check-out the other qualification requirements below:

Plus, have You Watched the video above - for details?

Sikh Organizations and Gurudwaras!

'Affiliate Income'
Application Form

To qualify: You must have 4 items below with your name on them:

'FREE Franchise' applicants must:
1: Know English,
and Communicate well via Email / Americans &
Have a computer with high-speed internet!

Both 'FREE Franchise' and Gurdwara/ORG applicants must have:
2: PAYPAL Account
(only way to get your commissions paid)
If not, set-up account at: Paypal.com  (must have - then apply)

Both must email Picture ID:
3: Driver's Lisc. / Passport / ADHAR Card (India)

email copy to: ID@SikhProjects.com

4: ALL must be Turbaned Sikh with hair.  Singhni's welcomed too!
(if you slipped away, then you have 3 months to prove your hair).

Please Sign-up Below - ONLY after you have met ALL above requirements!

Plus, Attest that YOU believe in:
ONE and ONLY ONE 'Siri Guru Granth Sahib' Ji

Do You Have?