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Gold Level Franchise

How this works:
You pay $2,000 USD to reserve your franchise now. Then you have 30 days to pay the rest $123,000. You have 24 hours cancellation period. First month's fee is included. Then you will be auto-billed $1,000/month service fee to this account.

Please check the Training TAB below - it includes:

  • Prospecting and HOW TO get clients for FREE, amazing 1 hour training, an approach that has proven time and again.

  • Scripts and Record-keeping Tool.

  • HOW & WHERE TO:  Create custom videos.
    Create them at: https://app.HVCAglobal.com/login

  • HOW & WHERE TO: Find the right kind of template for your customer's order.

  • HOW TO: Create LIVE Action videos and all other kind of videos. 

  • DISCOUNT CODES:  So you do not miss any sales, because of price issues.  We are committed to YOUR success.

  • Commissions are paid on 1st and 15 of every month after a 10 day waiting period via PayPal (no exceptions).  So, make sure you have a Paypal account or set-up one at: Paypal.com.

  • More in our email communications!